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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

It’s hard to believe, but I had my first riding lesson when I was four. My brother Benjamin was six at the time and that really made me want to ride. We must have caught a very serious case of horse fever because to this day we would still rather be in the stables than anywhere else.

My parents gave me my first horse when I was seven. „Little Girl“ was a Lewitzer pony and one thousand times more interesting than all the Barbies in the world.  Benni and I have Paul Elzenbaumer to thank for the beginning basics of riding. From 1995 to 2007, Stephan Münch led us on the way from E level to Grand Prix. These eleven years were unbelievably rich with learning, so much fun and always exciting.

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A German riding pony, “Nino the Champ” became an important four-legged Partner for me. With Nino, I started to discover the world of Dressage.  He lived up to his name. In 1998 and 1999 we qualified for the finals at the German “Bundeschampionat” in Warendorf. That was the first time I felt what it meant to ride in a big championship and it made me want more…

After I transitioned to riding big horses, when I was 15, I qualified for the top three straightaway with Nokturn at the “Preis der Besten” in Warendorf.  Then I was so nervous at the second qualification for the European Championships, that I promptly rode the wrong way twice. In the twelfth (and last place), I obviously didn’t get the nomination for the Europeans. At that time I realized how important it is to have good nerves. Since then, mental training, breathing and concentration practice have been a regular part of my schedule.

In 2002, just one year later, my dream to go the Europeans came true. By 2005 Bonito and Duchess helped me to earn six gold and two silver medals at the European Championships. During that time, we also managed to win three German national titles.

In 2006, Duchess and I worked our way up into the Grand Prix level. My brother Benni had his first Grand Prix experience with Duke and Sam. 

It was our goal to establish ourselves in the Grand Prix level with young horses that we had trained ourselves… A very long journey. We were very lucky that Isabell Werth worked with us for five years and gave us essential tips along the way. Isabell , the most successful dressage rider ever, also brought us together with Jonny Hilberath. My brother and I have been working with him since 2011.  We’ve also had the advantage of ongoing training sessions with Andreas Hausberger, one of the head riders of the Spanish riding school in Vienna. 

Motivating young horses and supporting them in their development brings me a lot of joy. It’s even nicer when the horses give something back and we find success together.

In 2012, Unee, a handsome black stallion, owned by Beatrice Bürchler-Keller, came into my life. Weve become a team and have developed a lot since our first successes in regional tournaments. In the meantime we made our way into the International scene and have begun to be noticed. It feels like there is still always room for improvement, and I am excited to see how far we can push ourselves.

The most amazing part of it all, is that I am able to do, everyday, what I love the most: to live with horses, to learn from them and to have fun together.



Achieve goals through physical & mental fitness

"Get yourself a rubber ball as you expect it from your horse," as Jessica and Benjamin emphasize time and again. As you train your core muscles, improve coordination, and train your suppleness, you can better control your body and affect your horse more effectively. For this we have developed a 12-week plan for you, together with the sports scientist Marcel Andrä, to optimize the fine tuning between horse and rider. Convince yourself.



The collection

Our range of equestrian products, created with Lamicell, reflect the same quality, elegance and heritage as our horses. Values that run through everything we do.



It's a team game


2nd World Cup Amsterdam (NL) Unee
1st GP and GP Special Vienna (AUT) Dalera
Qualified for the World Cup Finals with Unee and Zaire
3rd World Cup Final Paris (FRA) Unee
2nd GP Hagen (GER) Zaire
1st GP Special München (GER) Dalera
1st GP freestyle Wiesbaden (GER) Unee
3rd GP freestyle German Championships Balve (GER) Dalera
​1st Nations Cup CHIO Aachen (GER) Dalera
2nd GP Special I-Tour CHIO Aachen (GER) Zaire
2nd GP Donaueschingen (GER) Zaire
Qualified for the Lousidor Final with Ferdinand
Winner of the team gold medal at the WEG 2018 Tryon (USA) Dalera

3rd World Cup Gothenburg (SWE) Unee
2nd GP Dortmund (GER) Zaire
3rd World Cup S´Hertogenbosch (NED) Zaire
Qualified for the World Cup Final in Omaha with Unee
1st GP Special Donaueschingen (GER) Unee
1st GP and GP Special Oldenburg (GER) Unee
2nd World Cup Salzburg (AUT)
1st GP and GP Special Frankfurt (GER) Zaire
1st Lousidor Final Frankfurt (GER) Dalera

2nd World Cup Amsterdam (NL) Unee
2nd World Cup Neumünster (GER) Unee
2nd GP CDI Doha (QA) Zaire
3rd World Cup Finals Gothenborg (SWE) Unee
2nd GP CDI Aachen (GER) Unee
2nd GP and GP Special CDI Fritzens (AUT) Zaire
3rd World Cup Lyon (FRA) Zaire
3rd World Cup Salzburg (AUT) Unee


3rd European Championships Aachen Team and 7th Individual (Unee)
3rd World Cup Final Las Vegas (Unee)
3 bronze medals at the German Championships (Unee)
Alternate rider for the WEG 2014 Caen (Unee)
Qualified for the Louisdor Final with Waterkant, Redford, and Zaire
Qualified for the “Bundeschampionat” (Redford, Landliebe,
Renommée, Waterkant & Royal Spirit)
Finalist at the World Championchips for YH (Redford)
Burgpokal-Final (Renommee)
1st at the final of “Stars von Morgen” (Unee)
Longlisted for the European Championchips with Unee
First worldcup placings and wins

6 Goldmedals at European Championships Jun/YR Individual & Team
3 time German Champion Jun/YR